American Gordon Bennett Experience

This one-page PDF article in an August 1905 issue of Motor Age. This report was compiled through interviews with the members of the American contingent in the 1905 James Gordon Bennett Cup race upon their return to New York from France. Chief interview subjects were driver Bert Dingley of the Pope-Toledo team, as well as Orlando Weber, an executive with the firm. Also providing insights was driver Joe Tracy of Locomobile.
Some of the details of the race are particularly interesting. Note the method of changing tires during the race. Mechanics used knives to cut away the old rubber before clamping on a new tire to the artillery wood wheels. The only wire wheels were those on the ultra-light Darracq racers, which prophetically, Weber cited as possible winners in the upcoming 1905 Vanderbilt Cup. Victor Hemery, driving a Darracq, won that year's Vanderbilt Cup. The Americans lamented their lack of practice on the 85-mile course that reportedly had 300 turns. It is also intertesting to note that the winner of the race, Leon Thery in the Richard-Brasier, elected not to compete in America for the Vanderbilt Cup.

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