Miscellaneous Track Races

The article in attachment Oldfield112209 first appeared in the Indianapolis Star on November 22, 1909. This article reports on the events of a race meet held at the fairgrounds track in New Orleans. The big news was future Indianapolis 500 winner Ray Harroun's victory in the 100-mile feature and Barney Oldfield's establishment of a new track record.

The article in attachment Robertson 111409 was originally published in the November 14, 1909 Indianapolis Star. The central point of the article was to share that one of the top driving stars of the day, George Robertson, was officially entered in the upcoming (November 21 & 22) New Orleans Automobile Club race meet ran in conjunction with the Louisiana Good Roads Convention.

This article was originally published in the February 20, 1910 Indianapolis Star.

The articles in attachment Orleans013010 were originally published in the January 30, 1910, Indianapolis Star.

This article was published in the January 30, 1910 Indianapolis Star and focuses on the recent record-setting exploits of the ultimate barnstormer, the inimitable Barney Oldfield. The headline is curious in that it notes that Oldfield had recently returned "home" to Cleveland, Ohio - not far from Toledo where he grew up.

This article summarizing results from the 1910 New Orleans Mardi Gras meet appeared in the February 7, 1910 Indianapolis Star. Barney Oldfield grabbed the headlines for his victory over Ralph DePalma in a match race.

This article originally appeared in the March 13, 1910 Indianapolis Star. It is another interesting example of the ongoing debate about stock cars versus purpose-built or "freak" racers.

This attachment contains a very brief item about a new record for the distance of a mile utilizing a half-mile track. The track was in Knoxville, Tennessee, but based on what I can glean from the Knoxville Raceway track Web site it is not the same track. The Web site indicates that the current Knoxville track has a long history, but did not start auto racing until 1914. This Indianapolis News article was published June 8, 1909.

Three American "speed kings" of the age, Barney Oldfield, Johnny Aitken and Jap Clemens left Indianapolis to represent the National Motor Vehicle Company's race team at contests in Columbus, Ohio

Attached are a pair of very brief Indianapolis News articles about mile records set on half-mile tracks in August and September 1909. The article in attachment OldfieldNews082609 reports that Barney Oldfield lowered his own mark on half-mile tracks from 1:14.6 to 1:06.6. He covered the first lap at 33.5 seconds.