Daytona - Ormond Speed Trials

These epic speed trials occurred on the sands of Ormond and Daytona Beach from 1904 through 1910 and established the Daytona area as a speed center.

Attached is an articles concerning planning for the 1910 Daytona-Ormond speed tournament. It was published in the March 3, 1910 Indianapolis Star.

This article was originally published in the Sunday, March 20, 1910 Indianapolis Star. It was part of  a special supplemental section about the upcoming March 28 Indianapolis Automobile Show presented by the Indianapolis Automobile Trade Association (IATA).

Attached are a pair of articles covering events at the 1910 Daytona-Ormond speed tournament. The first initially appeared in the March 23, 1910 Indianapolis Star, the second was in the March 25 edition.

You'll find attached here a compendium of articles concerning the original speed tournament week in the Daytona Beach area: the great speed trials events of Ormond Beach of 1906. From 1904 to 1910 this annual winter competition was among the most important automobile competitions in America.