Corporate Hospitality, 1911

This package contains two articles (published in the May 28, 1911 Indianapolis Star), both stressing the nationwide appeal of the first Indianapolis 500. "Touring parties" of 10 to 20 cars were assembled from all corners of the country - especially the underdeveloped western states - to traverse the rough terrain on their trek to Indianapolis. The Hoosier capital, regarded as a sedate city out of the limelight of the capitols of commerce - despite having a robust auto industry - was suddenly on the map.
The most interesting of the two articles was one crafted by Cole Motor Car Company representative C.P. Henderson who reports that while on a Pacific states regional tour he found people from all walks of life asking about the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the big race. Given my business background where I ran an IndyCar sponsorship as part of a marketing program for Nortel which included corporate hospitality for thousands of customers, I found it particularly interesting to note that Henderson decided to pull together a large national conference and used the Indianapolis 500 as the star attraction. It's fascinating to see the similarities and not just the differences between then and now.

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