Pit Work at the First Indy 500

This article was published May 31, 1911 in the Indianapolis Star.
It focuses on the pit work at the first Indianapolis 500 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Lots of good detail you won't find elsewhere, such as Bob Burman's errant tire clobbering Eddie Hearne while he was working on his Fiat #18 in the pits (drivers frequently jumped out of their cars and helped complete pit stops), throwing him under his racer. Hearne, always game, was quickly back on his feet and in the race. You gotta love these guys.
Especially important for people who like to raise issues about whether Harroun won the first Indianapolis 500 or not, please note that second-place Ralph Mulford was in the pits on the 193rd lap to repair a blown tire. Couple this with the fact that Harroun changed only four tires the entire race - all right rear rubber - it becomes increasingly difficult to argue that the final results were not correct, at least for the winner.

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