Intense Practice for First Indy 500

This collection of articles is particularly interesting. It covers practice at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on May 23, 1911. Big names were blasting around the track: including David Bruce-Brown, Billy Knipper, Ralph Mulford, Caleb Bragg and Fred Belcher, whose drive in the first Indianapolis 500 is the subject of a book from the Belcher Foundation.
Also in this package is a neat little article on how Case star Lewis Strang - who, by virtue of filing his entry first would start first in the race - drove Indianapolis Mayor Samuel Lewis Shank for a couple of speedy laps around the vitrified brick oval.
A final article stresses that there were plenty of seats left for the race, despite rumors of a sellout. These were for grandstands, as no one expected the general admission tickets for the infield to overflow.

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