Burman Sets Speedway Records

This is a great article describing the terrific record runs of Bob Burman at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Monday, May 29, 1911, the day before the first Indianapolis 500. Burman, who had earlier in the spring set the world land speed record of 141 mph on Daytona Beach, set the flying mile, half-mile, quarter-mile and kilometer track records, all of which were previously held by Barney Oldfield driving the same Blitzen Benz one year earlier.
This article, published May 30, 1911 in the Indianapolis Star, is a neat, concise package of this colorful event in the history of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the career of Bob Burman. Also, there is a small item that records the Cole Motor Car Company's national conference of dealers and suppliers held in association with the first Indianapolis 500 - an early example of a corporate hospitality program built on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway platform.

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