Art Greiner Bio Sketch

This article from the May 31, 1911 Indianapolis Star includes an image of driver Arthur Greiner, who drove an Amplex in the first Indianapolis 500. Greiner crashed on lap 12 entering the backstretch of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, ending the life of his riding mechanic, Sam Dickson. An interesting point is that this content states that Greiner was not driving the same car Joe Horan wrecked in practice when he broke his leg. Greiner was originally listed as a driver of the FAL entry, a machine that was entered but never arrived at the track. According to this information, Greiner was driving a team car that was abandoned by Gaston Morris, a driver of French descent, after he hit the wall in practice.
I originally believed that Greiner did drive the Horan Amplex, but because of this information, I am now unsure. I would be delighted to hear from anyone with verifiable information one way or the other.
While this item is very brief, it does provide background information on Art Greiner's relatively obscure career.

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