"Wild" Bob and "Lord" Hughie

This clipping contains a brief article announcing that all entries for the first Indianapolis 500 had arrived at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway by May 23, 1911. The latest arrival was the much anticipated "Speed King" Wild Bob Burman. Burman had set the world's land speed record at Daytona Beach just a few weeks prior. He drove the "Blitzen" Benz in that effort. While the combination would make a record run for a track mile the day before the Indianapolis 500, the engine was far too big to conform to the rules of the Indianapolis 500.
Beside that article is an image of Mercer driver Hughie Hughes, who, because of he was an Englishman, was nicknamed "Lord" Hughie in the paddock and among the press. Hughes, still only 25, had been racing for seven years and was even a starter in the 1904 James Gordon Bennett Cup. This longevity qualified him for old school status in the eyes of newspapermen covering the race. Published in the Indianapolis News on May 24, 1911, this is a neat little package.

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