Early Indianapolis Auto Industry

This is a small digest column item from the April 17, 1909 Indianapolis Star that inludes referenceces to acetylene headlights and national automobile prodution - among other items.

The Indianapolis Automobile Trade Association (IATA), after two years of staging successful Indianapolis Auto Shows and the two "sealed bonnet runs" decided another Glidden Tour-inspired endurance run to French

This is an interesting magazine article I stumbled across during an "ogranic Web search" for information on Marmon cars.

This article was published in the August 15, 1909 Indianapolis Star. It is a brief and even odd item that discusses the impact of the burgeoning auto industry on the English language. Almost scholarly it suggests that the English language evolves through the everyday activities and culture of working class people. It posits the elite or more educated become more stilted with education or worldly affairs and it is the common populations that look for shortcuts to communicate.

This list of Indiana-based auto manufacturers is yet another item from a special Sunday edition of the Indianapolis Star that touted the excitement of the upcoming first automobile races at the new Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The date was August 15, 1909.

The attached ad for the Empire Automobile Company appeared in the Indianapolis Star in a special edition automobile section on August 15, 1909 just four days before the first auto race meet at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Attachment AutoIndustry092609 contains an article published September 26, 1909 in the Indianapolis Star. It discusses the value of the Hoosier state's automobile industry at that time.

This adveritsement of an Overland automobile by the Fisher Automobile Company appeared in the Sunday, December 12, 1909 Indianapolis Star. This ad is significant because it provides a quick summary of facts - or at least claims. Check these out:

This article in attachment AutoRow110709 appeared in the Indianapolis Star on November 7, 1909.

This article was originally published in the Indianapolis Star on Decemer 5, 1909 as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway looked forward to its first time trial event after paving the track with bricks.