Carl Fisher Wins Match Race - 1904

This article reports the results of a 1904 race meet at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in which Carl Fisher competed with his new Mohawk racer. Mohawk was an early motor manufacturing company in Indianapolis. Fisher won a best of three heats match race against his friend and sometimes partner, Earl Kiser. Kiser also drove a Mohawk, and there is a pretty fair image of that machine associated with the article. Among the other drivers mentioned are Edgar Apperson (founder of the Apperson Automobile Company of Kokomo), George Weidely (chief enginer at Premier Motor Manufacturing Company, Webb Jay (White Motor Company steam engine car) and A.C. Webb, who drove for Pope-Toledo.
Interesting point: The cutline to the Mohawk image shares that Earl Kiser was the driver involved in a tragic accident at Zanesville, Ohio the previous year. This accident killed several spectators and is frequently reported to have involved Carl Fisher, not Kiser. Fisher was Kiser's teammate in the race and was competeing with him on the track at the time of the accident. Again, both were driving Mohawks.

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