More on Death at Zanesville

Thanks to history professor Dr. Elsa Nystrom the attached artilces provide more information on the September 9, 1903 racing accident involving Carl Fisher at Zanesville, Ohio. It's interesting to note that the details around this event are anything but certain. Different articles contradict each other. Some indicate that both Carl Fisher and his partner Earl Kiser were riding together in the Mohawk racer, others indicate they were driving identical cars. Some reports have that Carl drove the wrecked car, others indicate that it was Kiser. At this point, I can't be certain of the exact facts. I am looking to uncover additional information on this tragic event that occured over 100 years ago. Note, too, that one of the attached articles also has an item on Barney Oldfield's tragic accident that happened at Grosse Pointe on the same day. In both instances spectators were killed.
Update 4/14/2009: Thanks again to Dr. Nystrom for her contribution of three more articles on this incident. The fifth clip attached to this item actually offers two articles form the Dayton Journal for September 11, 1903. This is a bizarre twist in that the article quotes Earl Kiser as saying he was not even present at the races and the reporter that said he was involved with the accident must have been on dope! Perhaps even more interesting, a sidebar that appears immediately after the article with the headline, "On Dope," reports that Kiser was present and so moved by the tragedy that he was quitting racing! Obviously, there was a lot of confusion around this incident and those involved seemed invested in keeping it that way. The final clip verifies that security guard John Goodwin died of injuries sustained in the accident several days later.

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