Carl Fisher's Boating

Carl Fisher loved all forms of motorsports. He was an avid powerboat racer prior to founding the Indianapolis Motor Speedway - during the earliest pioneering days of boat competition. These articles contain references to some of his early events in 1906 and 1907. He raced in Michigan and at Broad Ripple in Indianapolis. The article with the file name that references "Sun" is an article that appeared in the Indianapolis Sun, the forerunner to the Indianapolis Times which passed into oblivion in the 1960's.
The attached articles are in chronological order. The first, from December 1905, announces Fisher's intention to enter the motorboat sport. The second came seven months later and announces Fisher's entry into the motorboat construction business. The third is perhaps the most curious as the boating item is the third item in a news digest column and while it is only a paragraph it contains an important reference to Fisher's big success in a powerboat race at Ottawa Beach in Michigan during the summer of 1906. If anyone has more information on this event I would love to see it.

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