Carload of Maxwells

This is a small article which is actually a digest of current topics for the fall of 1906 in Indianapolis. Published in the Indianapolis Star on November 4, 1906, one item calls out a shipment of Maxwell cars to Carl Fisher's 330 North Illinois dealership. This ties in with some of the advertisements Fisher's auto company ran in the local newspapers, especially one that provided a schematic of the Maxwell Runabout. By the way, a "carload" in 1906 meant a railroad train car as that is almost exclusively how goods were shipped at the time.
The lead item in the digest concerns a record-setting trip by a touring car - a Stoddard-Dayton. Such events were a common style of "motorsport" where stock cars were driven over significant distances to demonstrate their durability. Durability was perhaps the most important product quality for these early machines as the buying public were rightfully concerned that they were purchasing reliable transportation.

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