Carl Fisher & His Auto Business - 1909

This attachment has two brief articles both concerning Carl Fisher. The first concerns victories racked up by Stoddard-Dayton stock cars at a hill climb event in San Antonio Texas. The article, published in the Indianapolis Star on January 17, 1909 presents of a text Fisher received notifying him of the success. Fisher was high on the Stoddard-Daytons one of the brands he carried at his Fisher Automobile Company sales dealership and garage. A Stoddard-Dayton would become the first pace car in all of auto racing at the first Indianapolis 500 in 1911. The driver? Carl Fisher.
The second item is at the very bottom of the second page of a two-page PDF. This brief note reports that Carl Fisher was forecasting a strong sales year in 1909 and that he had departed the previous day for the New York Auto Show.

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